Beat Freakz Fitness  is the all in one workout combining aerobics, punching, kicking, body weight resistance training &  a little bit of DANCING but with a twist every class includes small dumbbells for ultimate sculpting & toning!

The workout is designed for beginners to exercise through to advanced gym goers as high & low options are shown. It’s for all ages, shapes, sizes, fitness levels & is super easy to follow!

The classes are set in the dark with a big neon cranking to the hottest tunes around. The atmosphere is electric & every class you burn a bucket load of calories without even realizing because it’s so FUN! 



⚡ I’m originally from New Zealand however have been in Australia approximately 12 years, 6 years in Perth then 6 years in Melbourne 🇳🇿

⚡ I’m a proud, protective & fierce Mum to a beautiful 2 year old boy. My baby Daddy & I met via swiping on tinder, we’ve been inseparable ever since. He’s very supportive & a calm, chilled kind of guy whereas I’m the firey one hehe 

⚡ I grew up on a farm, riding horses bareback, entering dog trials where I actually went to the Nationals at 13 years old, I did all the farm things! Like shifted sheep & cows on my horse with my dog 🐕 I no longer am a farm girl & more a city slicker haha however I still do LOVE animals & I am grateful to have picked up the work ethic it required 👊🏾

⚡ I have a fat pug called Django who is also my child

⚡ I LOVE anything adrenaline related, I’ve bunny jumped, sky dived, parasailed, heck I’ve even abseiled down a 160m building to raise funds for a children's hospital charity 🏥

⚡ I am an empath, I feel people's energy whether it’s good or bad. I believe it’s a gift, it allows compassion & to build very strong bonds with people. That is why Beat Freakz core moral is to ensure EVERYONE who walks through the door has a place they feel valid & valued 💕 We don’t judge anyone, we embrace you as you are & celebrate the fuck out of it 😎

⚡ I LOVE PINK! Omg, I just love the colour, sets my soul on fire 🔥

⚡ I’m known to be someone who likes to joke, I do like a good laugh. Through my teens, I always was the person who took it “too far” so sometimes in classes I have to pull back on a joke or two before I get myself sued or reported hahaha 😝

⚡ I love music 🎶 And I fell in love with group fitness many years ago! I love moving to LOUD, VIBRANT music & getting a sweat on! Which is why @beatfreakzfitness is a thing!


Jenna - Founder/ CEO of Beat Freakz Fitness - Find Jenna at a class in Hoppers Crossings, Point Cook Wednesday & Werribee.

MEET ANNA & RABIA fellow instructors


Anna is the lead instructor at Beat freakz working closely with Jenna as her partner in crime, Anna is brand new to the team so learning the ropes but is an EXPLOSIVE instructor you can find at Point Cook Monday nights & soon in other locations


Rabia is an early childhood teacher who loves body-positive vibes, she was drawn to Beat Freakz classes attending her first one in Point Cook then becoming addicted. Rabia is a fun instructor who will have you smiling in no time, catch Rabia in Yarraville Monday nights.