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Working out doesnt have to be boring & doesnt need to be in a generic gym setting. Working out can be FUN & we have created programs that will ELECTRIFY YOUR SOUL & make you fall inlove with moving your body!


The environment at every class is HIGH VIBE, we turn the music up LOUD & move/ Shake our booties to the HOTTEST MUSIC OUT!


Its 55mins of YOU time, time to just move & get a full body workout with small dumbells also incorporated for added toning.


You know that feeling of walking into a room & the energy is just OFF, you feel like you dont fit in or dont want to be there?

Or you want to work on yourself physcically or mentally but gyms just give off the vibe you have to be an olympic athlete to even be there?


YEAH WE DO TOO & that is exactly why that is why we have created a SAFE. WELCOMING & JUDGEMENT FREE SPACE.


For generation society has told us with need to "fit




Given it’s the new year & we have a few new followers it’s a time to reintroduce myself 👋🏾

I’m Jenna♥️ Here's a few fun facts about me 👇🏽

Im originally from New Zealand although have been living in Australia approx 12 years

I absolutely LOVE learning, self development & investing in knowledge bank 🧠 Love reading & am always watching or listening to something interesting 🧐

I’m a Mum of a gorgeous 3 year old boy

I LOVE the beach & being in nature - I spend a huge chunk of my year on beach walks with my dogs 🐕

I LOVE ANIMALS - I have a French bulldog, pug & Siamese cat. If I could have a pet hippo or adopt a monkey, I prob would 😂

I am a little bit “woo” - I love tarot cards, psychic readings & believe that the universe is always working for us not against us 🔮

I LOVE having a laugh, my sense of humour is a bit whose ya daddy haha (I was always that person who takes it 1 step too far) SWIPE to vid 😂👉🏽

I love helping others to figure out what makes them tick, what makes them happy & LOVE watching people evolve to LOVE WHO THEY ARE ♥️

I can’t stand judgy people. Repulses me 🤮 Which is why I started BFF - Judgement free zone

I LOVE PINK - And all things bright, I also LOVE boho vibes so have plants everywhere in my home 🌱🌿

Although people are shocked by this - I am an introvert most of the time! In classes I am very much extroverted however I need to spend a lot of time on my own to recharge 🔋⚡️

I am a major nerd, I read a lot & frequently am up-skilling or doing courses 🤓

l love MUSIC 🎶 Particularly RNB 🔥

I think life is not about what we have but about who we help. I used to volunteer at the RSPCA & regularly donate to charities, I even abseiled down a 150m building once where proceeds went to a children’s hospital 🏥

I’m an adrenaline junkie! I have bungy jumped, ski-dived, hot air ballooned. Anything that involves adventure & fun - I am there!!

I love being outdoors, kayaking, biking- I grew up on a farm so I spent a huge chunk of childhood outside riding my horses or with animals ♥️

I believe anything is possible, if you believe you can then you take consistent action YOU WILL!

  • I am unfit & overweight, are classes suitable for me?
    Yes - Classes have been designed for all fitness levels, shapes & sizes. We show high & low options. Its very easy to follow making it suitable for even the most unco-ordinated people.
  • Do I have to book?
    We recommend & prefer you do book in advance due to some locations getting fully booked fast however you can pop along as well.
  • How much do classes cost? And can I come casually?
    Here are your few options: ⚡ If you want to try our class you can choose our TRY FIRST CLASS for $20. You can use this as a one time entry in any location and is valid for one week. ⚡ If you are just wanting to do a class here or there, you can come to a class casually for $28, you can come to any class in any location as you please! ⚡If you know you'd love to do a class a week or know you def want to continue classes somewhat regularly then the best option at the most affordable price is the 10 CLASS PASS for $279- This gives you access to 10 classes within a 6 month period :) It works out at approx $18 a class as it includes an 11th class FREE! You don't have to come to classes every week, you can use the pass whenever it suits through the 6 month period. ⚡If you are someone who wants to do more the 1 class a week the best option is the GROUP FITNESS PACKAGE, this gives you unlimited access to every class in every location. Meaning if you want to do every class you can, this is $39 per week meaning even if you did 3 classes a week it works out at $11 a class which is way cheaper than casual entry :)
  • What do I need to bring to class?
    Sweat towel, mat or towel, water bottle & a set of 1-2kg dumbbells however if you dont have dumbbells I have spares at classes
  • Can I bring a friend?
    Yes of course you can - First class is $20 to try & we frequently do bring friends FREE weeks :)
  • Can I pay with cash?
    YES! You absolutely can! EFTPOS and CASH payment options available at all physical classes.
  • Where are your classes based?
    Point Cook, Altona, Yarraville, Hoppers Crossing, South Kingsville, Altona Meadows & Werribee. We will continue to expand accross Melbourne.
  • How long does each class go for?
    Approx 50 minutes of mood elevating, endorphin pumping goodness set in the dark with disco lights & amazing tunes pumping.
  • Are PT sessions & classes kid friendly?
    Yes - Children under 14 must have a parent present however are welcome at classes! Yes to PT sessions, we have a toybox set up for kids & also I am a Mum with a toddler so completely understand sometimes we need to bring our bubbas
  • Are classes postnatal friendly?
    Yes they are, we suggest you get a doctors clearance before starting any form of exercise however with the flexibility to take low options in classes it is all about working within your bodies limits.
  • What happens when I refer friends?
    You'll get $30 cash for every referral. T&C's apply.
  • Do you offer online workouts?
    Yes every class can be joined via zoom, we also have a MASSIVE pre-recorded workout library with over 100 workouts ranging from Beat Freakz workouts to pilates, yoga, pregnancy friendly workouts & loads more.
  • Do you offer private class or team building packages?
    Yes, send an email enquiry to Jenna today
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