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Healthy No Bake Recipe Bars


  • 100g Almonds (approx 100 whole almonds - 5x HexB)

  • 200g Porridge Oats (5x HexB)

  • 75g Dried Dates with No Stones (10 syns)

  • 150mls Water

  • 2tbsp Runny Honey


Pulse the almonds in a blender until you have a coarse mix of small crushed pieces.

Add half of the water and blend again. You want a mix that still has lots of texture.

Add the dried dates and blend again until the mix has become sticky.

Add the oats and the rest of the water, and then add the honey. Blend until you have a semi-smooth mixture (you still want some texture in there!).

Tip out into a deep baking tray (the one I use is about 20 cm long) lined with baking paper.

With the back of a large spoon, press the mix until it is filling the bottom with the tray and flatten, making sure to pack it together.

Refrigerate for at least an hour to solidify the mix.

Once refrigerated, slice it into ten equal bars and wrap them individually to eat later!

You can freeze the bars or refrigerate them until needed.

Enjoy on their own or with fresh fruit and yogurt!

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